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Put It On Paper

Wouldn't it be nice to know the answers before the test? I knew because my promiscuous lifestyle and my tough girl attitude from my past had caught up with me. 


How did I know you may ask? Because I put myself AT-RISK! Once I knew what was going on with me I had to face my past, Nobody but God... How do you stand in faith when you get a bad report? Put it on Paper is a memoir like no other, providing real talk for the reader and educating on a health issue that is ravishing the African American community, especially women of color HIV/AIDS! 


This book reveals real issues and how only the strong survive. Please use your discretion for young readers. This book is ideal for women support groups, book clubs, and college students and adults. 


"A person will take you as far as you allow them to."HOW FAR WILL YOU GO?



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My Last First Kiss


“Blessings come in many forms--but not in tainted flesh.” 


You have to be careful whom you resist or what you fall prey to in the midst of battling temptations. My Last First Kiss introduces the voluptuous Regina BoRose, a writer and businesswoman of breathtaking beauty---WHO'S AT WAR WITHIN HER OWN SKIN. Blessed with bravado and brains and all a woman could ask or hope for, Regina lacks nothing--- EXCEPT HER LONG HOPED-FOR "MAN OF SUBSTANCE." Secrets unfold and desires escalate between the sheets---UNTIL REGINA DISCOVERS BEING BAPTIZED N' WARM MILK IS THE ONLY TRUE RELATIONSHIP. 


Baptized N’ Warm Milk by author DeVondia R. Roseborough--a mini collection of true-to-life Temptations of the Flesh in novel form. Welcome to My Last First Kiss… 


“They say if you don’t protect your skin--it will burn in the sun.”


Changed Woman...Unchained


On December 9, 2003, DeVondia Roseborough received a devastating diagnosis-HIV positive. Instead of allowing this news to cripple her, Roseborough took control of her life, In 2008 she decided to Put It On Paper. This memoir was a no holds barred approach to tackling a health issue that continues to ravish the African American community and women of color. Ten years later, Roseborough is still a woman on a mission. Changed Woman...Unchained, the sequel is a thought-provoking, socially conscious work that takes you into her life after AIDS. She discusses her dating challenges, family and friendships, faith, and the rejuvenation of her mind. Through her story, you will learn to free yourself from bondage and walk in your power.

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The Awakening of Dee


After experiencing a life filled with hurt, heartbreak, and a diagnosis of HIV, DeVondia felt there was no way that love would find her. She was wrong. Love found her all right, wrapped in layers of lies, deceit, shame, embarrassment, and the ultimate breakdown of her spirituality and self-worth. This story is told in truth and with the hopes that hurting women inflicted with negative circumstances for being in the wrong relationships will not have to question if love had forgotten about them. This book is to help those in toxic relationships to find themselves before it’s too late. It’s time to wake up ladies. The Awakening The Signs, The Red Flags, and The Escape.

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Depression Uncovered While Covered In Anxiety is a candid outpour chronicling Author DeVondia R. Roseborough's year in 2020. Roseborough struggled internally mind, body, and spirit with the decision to end her marriage after one year of saying "I do," to fall in love with an unorthodox who finessed and filled her heart with joy, all while covering the pain in her life.


All Roseborough wanted was the sadness to go away, yet she found the strength to get up and move throughout her day with or without tears in her way. When she found this was not enough, suicidal thoughts, anger, bitterness, and the dependability of alcohol and the comfort of Mr. Midnight seemed to camouflage the blues.


Life deserved more than Roseborough was giving it, and she clearly had lost her way. Before she got too far, she decided to do what many shy away from; seeking help, breaking the chains, and taking her life back before 2021 made its appearance.